Pre-Surgery Protocols

Pre-Surgery Protocols

It is optimal to maintain a high protein, low sugar diet in the weeks leading up to surgery to promote healing and recovery.


If you use tobacco products, you are strongly encouraged to engage in smoking cessation 6 weeks before surgery to minimize the risk of wound healing problems.


Dr. Alosh may work with you on a weight loss regimen before surgery if required to optimize your recovery process.


In the week prior to surgery, if you are on blood thinning medications, such as Plavix, Coumadin, Elaquis, Xarelto, or Lovenox, our team will work with your primary care doctor to discontinue these medications 5 days before surgery.


Bring all insurance cards and a government issued ID to the hospital

Shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff/labrum repair, Knee arthroscopy and meniscus surgery

This is outpatient surgery and you will need a designated driver to take you home after surgery.

Total Joint Replacement

Prepare toiletries and loose fitting comfortable clothing for up to 2 days at the hospital.